center staff


1-Lecturer Mayada Rahim Eesa

2-Assist. Lecturer Yaseen Mashhut Taher

3-Assist. Lecturer Yaqdhan Redha Mahdi

4-Assist. Lecturer Ban Khadum Abed 




  1. Afraah mohammed Hussein
  2. Muntaha Abd Alsahib
  3. Rawssam Abd Albaaqi
  4. Ammar Abass kadhom
  5. Fatima Ismael salih
  6. Murtadha Abd Alhassan
  7. Roia Nahidh Hammad
  8. Hussein Abd Alkadhom Jwaad
  9. Othmaan Sabaah Mahmood
  10.  Ahmad Abd Alredh Inaad
  11. Muthana Kaleel Ibraheem

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