vision and objectives


Vision, mission and goals of the English Language Center

Vision Center :

To become one of the leading English language teaching centers at the national and regional level through the development of the concept of quality as the basis in all activities and determine the standards of excellence in education and curriculum .

Mission :
The Center's mission is to provide intensive courses to teach the English language through a global curriculum and providing students with all the knowledge and skills that will raise the level of academic and professional fields. Also the center supports teaching of English through programs that are scheduled in accordance with the university and educational and service institutions in Iraq .

Objectives :

English Language Center at the University of Technology is an educational and qualified center that aimed at to develop university's graduates and institutions' skills, and professionals and administrators in the state institutions , and the teaching staffs working in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and ministry of education in the field of English language and all levels ( Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced ) By global platform developed in addition to the establishment of the global tests of language .
The center works to achieve the above objectives through:

1- Preparing training and specialized training courses of a variety of levels in the field of English language.

2. Organization of the global English language exams (TOEFL test, etc.).

3. Made contracts with departments and state institutions to develop and implement training and development programs for its members ( teaching staff , engineers, technicians and administrators) in the field of English language .

4. The establishment of workshops and educational lectures to learn how to provide graduates and researchers for fellowships and research grants in universities in the world.

5. Spreading knowledge and awareness in the field of English language through various pamphlets, publications and exhibitions.






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