The activities of the center 2015

Participate in the establishment of a course in the field of reviewsthe press news in English and drafted in the website in cooperation with the      Department of Media in the University Center, which held in halls of English Language Center and Department of Media for the period from (11-to-16/6/2015 ) .

The presence of the opening of the pioneer model project to exchange the information through an optical cable network in a Control and Systems Engineering Department Hall  on Sunday 31/5/2015.

Participate in a media course in the field of News and press editorial in media and public relations in the University of technology  for the period from 19/5/2015 to-21/5/2015.

 The presence of the scientific symposium marked ( software technologies and their role in e-commerce ) which held on the conference hall in control systems engineering department on Monday 4/5/2015.

 celebrate of the birth of al-Imam- Ali Bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him ) established the University Theater on Sunday 3/4/2015.

Participate in a course to train on a system of smart card which was updated by First Sept Company, held in the department of electro-mechanic engineering on Sunday and Monday (APR.26-27, 2015).

Participate in a workshop (training for English Language Teachers) which held at the BritishCouncil from APR.14 till APR.16, 2015.

Participate in scientific outputs fair which synchronized with the 40 anniversary of establishing University of Technology on Monday Apr. 13, 2015 In this fair, the center showedsome educational posters and syllables for teaching the under-graduated classes (Head way) and the syllables for teaching the post-graduated classes ( Toefl/Ielts), also the syllables of the courses held in the center, distribution of the center's manual and some English brochure.

Participate in a workshop to develop the university website which held in the IT center on Thursday, Apr.2, 2015 with the attendance of the vice president for scientific affairs Dr.Wessam Kadhim Hamdan and the commission members (the chief of internal sections, thechief of media center and public relations, the chief of IT center and members of the link commission of the scientific and engineering departments, centers and institutes.

Participate in a seminar (the impact of radioactive materials to public health) held in the applied science division, physics department on Monday, Mar. 16, 2015.

Celebrate on the international  Women's day on Sunday, 15, 2015 in which all female staff were honored.

take part in solidarity stand to support our security forces and popular army to celebrate the victories achieved against ISIS, on Thursday, Mar.12, 2015 in the University campus.

participate in a workshop (cooperation between the teachers of the English Language Department and its impact on the learning and education) held in the English Language Department/ collage of eeducation / Baghdad university on Sunday Mar.15, 2015. Organized by the cultural committee of the department.

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