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 Inforemation about Toefl Test

TOEFL" in Arabic language is English Test as a foreign language and " TOEFL " in English is a brief English text . Using TOEFL as an evaluation the candidates for the English language test by committees looking for jobs in government institutions, universities, agencies and many other services. Consequently,  this indicates  the importance of TOEFL test so passing  the test is required as well. also, Requires the person who intends to choose this exam to know first " the nature of the questions and how to answer and  theguarantee getting a high degree in the exam, therefore,English Language Center at the University of Technology  offers a group of special sessions toprepare a student or a researcher before entering to mthis exam. These courses include review has been  learned during past years study through daily study plan.This courses aim to study language and develop participant 's skill which follows in the courses 


The configuration
In fact , the courses including a course of how to prepare for TOEFL (how to prepare for toefl exam) on a group of intensive lectures for four days a week during three hours per day all over the year

platform for the session

There are many sources adopted which could be put to use to teach this article mention the four basic sources, was still in circulation in the past few years (most notably Baron and Longman .This, as well as the presence of a large number of other sources, such as a Peterson’s series) The specialized nature of the specific areas of examination, reading, such rules, vocabulary , as well as some .sources specialized for learning vocabulary 

Types of TOEFL

There are two formulas to the Toefl examination  available. they are a test based on the paper and pen which is called as a term of Toefl based on the paper, and the second one depends on using a computers to answer by using a software offers on the screen  which called Toefl based on a computer or (TOEFL-ibt), first type only is available broadly in Iraq .There are two types of examination  paper format are: Type I (institutional type ) which is called  institutional testing program  a brief English expression (ITP) where this type covers paragraph test  (listening, reading, linguistic) but not writing which it costs about 80 $. the second one is the official examinations (official)and Testing includes  (listening, reading, Writing, linguistic ) which it costsabout 210$. the period of the exam is between two to two and half , in addition to filling an ID application for the student before starting test which it takes about one hour.

parts of Toefl-test 
 TOEFL consists mainly of a series of questions with multiple choices of four prospects for answer for each question. The exam consists of three parts, each part measures specific skill in the use of English, in addition to writing separate examination part.There will be here to give an idea of all of the parts of the exam


Listening Comprehension -  

This section contains material like usually registered matsmaih if you're" with a group of students in the university or college of the Americans. Where the article contains a range of vocabulary and expressions idiomatic English speakers known as well as to special alqwaaidyah combinations used to speak. This section tests the understanding of each of the talks short- and long, as well as to understand the lectures

 Structure and Written Expression-

Including sentences test knowledge structure synthetc elements of written standard English. These sentences include different subjects Joint Communiques any specific advantage of persons in specific areas of study, but are usually linked with the United States or Canada in particular subjects of history, culture, arts, literature, although the content of these subjects is not necessarily required to answer this type of questions.

 (Reading Comprehension)-

Includes reading of the text and answer the questions on these passages. These questions will test information be found principally" or implicitly" text in the workpiece. The test to know some specific words also exists" And because it is well known that the English words more than the meaning of, it is necessary to recall that those questions would be tested on the word or the term implicitly existing" in the piece.


  (Essay Writing)-

The writting  English test  (test of the substitution of English) or (twe) specific topic is answered by writing an article may not exceed the number of words 500 word consists of four paragraphs within a period of half an hour. that all the issues raised in this exam has nothing to do with history, culture and sciences most sources from the United States of America or Canada. Usually maytlb Make Your opinion or discussion of a particular topic.
In general, the TOEFL test  depends in each part (except part writing) a specific set of questions that were followed by a group of four possible answers, the duty of Al-Dawa choose right answer within the specified time

The degree of the Test:
the degree of Toefl test  are confined within the extent of the 310 to 677 sections are on Reading, linguistic and listening  only impart little degree of writing which gives separately, confined within the 1 to 6. Here, it is important to know that there is no degree of fall-out  or specific success in this test, where that all scientific institution or organization decides what class as well as promulgate accepted for their own purposes. But it can generally be said that the degree of success recognized world is within range of 500-550 for most international universities.


Method of instruction

There are many ways of teaching Toefl adopted in preparation for examination. It could be argued that the most productive in teaching include division of the session on the paragraphs mentioned previously exam" but with some modulation.
For example" for seven days to explain part listening (listening), and seven days to explain the reading pane (reading) and the day to explain part writing (Noun) in addition to five days to review and performance tests. The paragraph rules or linguistic construct (structure: pattern and style) must be taught in the length of the session during its importance readily recycled taught in short time. There is also a paragraph could be added, we found it very important" and essential to the student's vocabulary, a paragraph can be taught and thfyzha Student assistant, through the adoption of the source No. 6) called on behalf of the 400 the word or the term most hesitant" test in Toefl this gradual and the length of the session. As well as called on behalf of the 400 the word or the term most hesitant" test in Toefl this gradual and the length of the session. In addition to the many other paragraphs concerning the Rules and terminology of America, which can be delivered to the student during its preparation and Qualifying Exam performance during the session.


 Day of the examination 

The Test has held in the center  before the start of the exam to give general instructions to clarify what is required from the participants to do and steps to answer. They must follow these instructions, and must be drew attention to the following instructions:

  1. 1.Go to theplace of testing before an appropriate period with a view to reach in time.
     brought a cash receipt.
    3. brought appropriate identification document, preferably a passport.
    4. brought a pencil type 2 HP or type #2 black with an eraser and sharpener.
    5. You can use traditional hour to determine the time during exam but that prevents the use of alarm clock.
    6. prevent enter Mobile Phone inside the hall.
    7. You can brought a meal food but usually prevents eating inside the chamber test.


Important information you should know

  1. 1.the English Language Center at the University of Technology is a center approved by the Educational Testing Services (ETS) responsible for conducting this test.
    the Certificateof TOEFL expired  for a period of two years from the date of the appearance of the result.
    3. he attempted to register to participate in the examination and the early because the place of testing accept specific number of examiners in each meal (no later than 45 examiner).
    4. chose the date of the exam to be at the time its performance at least about 4 weeks before the time required to communicate the result university or college, which intends to join.
    5. Always use the same formula" name in your passport. does not try changing the characters or the sequence name.
    6.results will be declare within three weeks after the exam. You can also get the result through our site.


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